Present tenses

We can use present tenses:

  • to talk about the present
  • to talk about the future


Present Simple

A repeated action or daily routine

Subject + verb + The rest

I work for my boss.

I do not work for my boss.

Do I work for my boss?


He works for his boss.

He does not work for his boss.

Does he work for his boss?

Present Continuous

An action happening at the time of speaking

Subject + am/is/are + verb – ing + The rest

She is reading a book right now.

She is not reading a book right now.

Is she reading a book right now?


Present Perfect

An action that happened a tan unstated time in the past

Subject + had + verb – ed / III form + The rest

I had lost my wallet.

I had not lost my wallet.

Had I lost my wallet?


Present Perfect Continuous

An action that started in the past and continues up to the present

Subject + have/has + been + verb – ing + The rest

I have been playing board games for hours.

I have not been playing board games for hours.

Have I  been playing board games for hours?

There are four present tense forms:

Present simpleI work
Present continuousI am working
Present perfectI have worked
Present perfect continuousI have been working



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